How to Start a Consulting Career – Latest Simple Ways to Start Your Consulting Career

In a nutshell, consulting simply means giving advice for pay. People offering consulting services offer their skills and advice in solving problems and in improving certain processes. They are usually hired by companies or individuals who need outside expertise and objective opinions before they get into the decision-making process. Some consultants specialize in business management while others are offering advices on technological issues. There are some who are focusing their energy on personal issues, training, top-level strategy, and on saving money.

If you want to start a career in consulting, it is very important that you are physically, psychologically, and mentally prepared. For some cases, you will need to acquire several degree and vast experience before you can practice. You will also need to develop or hone certain skills to be more effective in this endeavor.

Here’s how you can start your consulting career:

1. Experience counts. Whether you want to be an independent consultant (self-employed) or you want to get into one of the most prestigious consulting firms, you will need to have a proven track record in your area of specialization to easily convince people do to business with you.

2. Finding clients. If you are just starting out in this field, it would be better if you offer your consulting services to those people or companies that you have worked before. These people will surely have a solid idea about your capabilities and you will not find it challenging to get them to trust you. Be content with working with companies and people that you know — at least for the meantime or until you build an impressive portfolio that you can present to your other potential clients.

3. Taxes and laws. Before you take the leap, make sure that you know the taxes that you need to pay and the laws that you need to abide by based on your place of business. If you are not really familiar with these things, it would better if you can hire a lawyer.

4. Business registration. Even if you are self-employed and even if you are the only one working for your home-based consulting business, you might need to register your business in your state or in your province. If you have other people working for you, you will need to take into consideration the labor laws to avoid complaints or even law suits in the future. Get to know the minimum wage rates, workplace safety laws, and payroll deduction that are applicable in your province or state.